Nuclear Unsecurity Summit

The showcase of collectivism represented at the Nuclear Security Summit was, in actuality, a naïve stretch to Wilsonian Liberalism rather than a Realist approach to ensuring the security of the state. The New York Times reported that Obama said that “Terrorist networks such as Al Qaeda have tried to acquire the material for a nuclear weapon, and if they ever succeed, they would surely use it. Were they to do so, it would be a catastrophe for the world.” Never mind why they want to attack us, the belligerent amount of American military bases stationed around the world, and the “Social-Democratic Caliphate” erecting a “West vs. the Rest” approach on foreign policy.

league of nations failure

If President Obama truly believes that lessening stock piles of nuclear armaments around the world will actually happen, let alone make us safer, he is destined to be greeted by a new wave of “enemies of the state” within the next few decades.

President Wilson established the League of Nations after the First World War in hopes of stopping another belligerent power from tossing Europe into war or spreading its empire through colonies. Little did he know how inefficient collective action really is. The mandates on state boundaries in the Middle East as well as the infamous “14 Points” forcing countries to lessen just their naval armament angered young Adolph Hitler to change German and European politics for the next half century in the most belligerent and cantankerous style possible.

There is a trend in history and President Obama is naively and blindly slipping his way into the dangerous cycle. 

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