Nullification Screening @ UCLA

Nullification- Promotion

Young Americans for Liberty @ UCLA hosted a premiere of the documentary Nullification followed by a Q & A with the 10th Amendment Center’s Executive Director Michael Boldin.

It was a really exciting event and I would recommend every campus to watch this movie. We watched it at the beginning of the quarter, and it really pumped up our interest in slowing big government policies down on campus.

Nullification- Michael Boldin

Like any other event though, it made our members and leadership get focused on promoting the event and by default promoting our group. We tabled for three days from 10-4 p.m. and made our presence heard on campus by flyering and attracting people to our table with interesting books and brochures.

If you show this movie, make sure to have somebody like Michael Boldin come and do a small talk at this event. This is a great way to better explain and advance the idea of nullification, especially if you have audience members who have questions or reservations.

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