Nullify Now

Ft. Worth, TX: Nullify Now with Woods, Medina, Brogdon & More – Saturday 9/4

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Tom Woods

Debra Medina

Randy Brogdon

Charles Key

Already confirmed as speakers and/or panel participants: Ken Emmanuelson – Dallas Tea Party, Adrian Murray – Fort Worth 9-12, Thelma Taormina – We The People Are The 9-12 Association Inc., John Stacy –, Debbie McKee – Texas Campaign for Liberty, Angela Cox – Johnson County Tea Party, Michael Boldin, Founder – Tenth Amendment Center, Brian Roberts – Texas Tenth Amendment Center

Elected Officials and Candidates Attending or Participating: Representative Leo Berman (District 6), Representative Wayne Christian (District 9), Representative Phil King (District 61), Representative Sid Miller (District 59), Pastor Stephen Broden (For US House, TX-30), Kathie Glass (for Texas Governor)

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Christopher Walken on Nullify Now:

Hat tip to the Daily Paul

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