Number of Troops in Afghanistan Surpasses Iraq

teFor the first time since the 2003 U.S invasion of Iraq, the number of troops in Afghanistan has officially surpassed than those in Iraq, according to Pentagon officials. I guess the Iraq War is now officially the forgotten war.

Whether we do agree with Obama’s policies or not, we can most definitely say he was finally kept one campaign promise: escalating the War in Afghanistan (and extending further to Pakistan, some could say). Since Obama took office, there are more troops now in those two regions then there were when he first came in office.

Even though the current administration has been withdrawing some troops in Iraq, there are still about 92,000 troops currently based there — of course this does not include civil servants, private contractors, and other significant peoples.

Amid the military strains in result of these two wars, both  Iraq and Afganistan still remains to be extremely corrupt and dangerous countries to live in. It is no doubt that the current approach to peace in Central Asia and the Middle East is a joke and will remain to be a joke. As violence escalates in Afghanistan and political chaos in Iraq, there is little hope for Afghans, Iraqis, and of course our wounded GIs.

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