Numbers of Homeless Female Veterans On The Rise

hI came across this story and I must say, it is rather sad. This article talks about how homless female veterans are on the rise from the Afghan and Iraq Wars.

Among one of the many examples is Private Margaret Ortiz. Pvt. Ortiz has spent all the money she earned in the military on alcohol and cocaine. She has been sleeping on the San Diego beach or any place suitable to find, ever since her return. Pvt. ortiz has also admited she encountered sexual harrasment from her male peers. According to Pvt. Ortiz, she has had  continuous  flashbacks of the harassments, and of the attacks she faced in her compound in Iraq (due to the alcohol) . She even attempted suicide. “You knew something was wrong with you, but you didn’t know what was wrong with you,” She said. “Nobody knew, and so you couldn’t really handle it.”

The rate of homeless female veterans has doubled in the past 2 decades. A great  number of female homeless veterans also bring children with them and tend to be younger than the male veterans. Female vets are about 5% of the homeless veteran population.

This article is a reminder for far leftists who think they can use the government can take careall 300,000, 000+ Americans. Just think about it:  If the federal government is highly INCAPABLE of taking care of veterans, then how the heck can it manage the entire country? Seems nonsensical to me.

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