O-Days at Auburn University

O-Days were held at Auburn University August 28-30. Our YAL chapter was there and ready to recruit the waves of excited students into our organization: We spent Thursday and Friday tabling 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (the only time tabling is allowed on Auburn University’s campus) discussing anything from the Syrian situation to Austrian economics with dozens of interested students. Our contact list grew by nearly 50 people in three days.


Above: Three students look over our literature as we discuss foreign policy

We were armed with leftover supplies from past activism kits, the Students for Liberty recruitment kit, and the new YAL Fall Recruitment Drive 2013 kit. Literally dozens of copies of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man, After the Welfare State, and Bastiat’s The Law were passed out and discussed — meaning we were responsible, with your help, for getting some very powerful literature in a lot of eager and accepting hands.

handing out The Law

 Above: Me passing out The Law to a brand new member after signing up

The recruitment aspect of the event was a tremendous success; however, we paired this event with raising awareness on a pressing issue Auburn students are currently facing every day — the local police department’s corruption (for anyone interested, Google Justin Hanners or check out the Reason YouTube video on the subject) — by passing out our homemade “Dealing with the Police” fliers. The fliers explain some basic constitutional rights we have as citizens to combat police tyranny, some tips on how to properly handle being pulled over, and some additional information about who we are and how to contact us.

police flier

 Above: What the 200 “Dealing with the Police” fliers looked like

The fliers were a tremendous success — you don’t have to be knowledgeable or interested in anything on our table to hate a tyrannical police force — and nearly every single person we offered a flier to took it. However, what really excited students most was that ex-officer Hanners himself joined us at our table Wednesday and Friday. He drew a constant crowd and did a tremendous job of incorporating the ideas of liberty into his stories of questionable things he had been asked to do during his time as an officer. Students loved asking him about how they could have handled a situation they had been in, or the point of view from a law officer of the Constitution, or about the actual scandal itself and how he was fighting his illegal firing. It truly was a humongous crowd pleaser and really brought in the numbers.

Aubie with ex-officer Hanners and Joseph Warren

Above: Alabama State Chair Joseph Warren, Aubie, and ex-officer Hanners

All in all, we here at Auburn University felt like the event was a tremendous success. A big thank you to YAL National for the supplies and to fellow YALers for working with us on your own campuses to spread the philosophy of freedom!

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