Oath Keeper holds his own on Hardball.

I recently saw this video where the founder of the Oath Keepers, a group of men and women in military and law enforcement who will refuse to obey any order that goes against the constitution, was answering Chris Matthews on Hardball. 

After countless straightforward answers and reference in history and even information about American history, Chris Matthews still couldn’t get his mind around the idea that the government could ever do any harm or violate any rights to the American people.  Ignoring the fact that they were simply preparing for the possibility of radical possibilities, Matthews went on a tyrade about how the Oath Keepers are trying to essentially brainwash the American people into a right wing movement.

His biggest fear is the groups presence among armed law enforcement (because policeman/military have never been given orders that are contradictory to the constitution).  He even insinuates that the Oath Keeper organization would breed Timothy McVeighs.  Of course, this just goes to show, if you are against the government in any way, you’re a terrorist.

What does all of this really show?  Well, it shows that Chris Matthews is just a little puppet for the  government (he may not actually be on a government agenda, but I’d bet he wouldn’t mind).  He obviously made no attempts to listen to this man; he simply asked a question and then answered it himself. If the Oath Keeper actually answered it then he would twist or ignore his answer.  Objective journalism at it’s best.

He did, however, throw a slight compliment at libertarians…huzahh!

Watch the video here.

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