Obama Abandons Diplomacy

Perhaps feeling pressured by the recent Congressional condemnation of violence in Iran (a resolution which passed with only one dissenting vote, cast by Congressman Paul), Barack Obama has seemingly reversed himself on his policy toward the “Green Revolution.”

Obama’s most recent statement about the violence surrounding Iranian president Ahmadinejad’s reelection contains some strong criticism of the Iranian government. The (admittedly hawkish) Wall Street Journal is apparently hopeful that this statement marks the beginning of a move toward a more aggressive White House foreign policy:

Mr. Obama’s comments could mark the beginning of a significant shift in the White House’s broader Middle East strategy, which has largely been framed around a desire to hold direct negotiations with Tehran over its nuclear program and its support for militant groups.

If this does indeed indicate a permanent change in Obama’s thinking about Iran, we should get ready for another Middle East quagmire.

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