Obama announces Afghan policy; Afghans not impressed.

Not surprisingly, the generals are reportedly happy to have been provided with additional cannon fodder for what the Afghan defense minister called their “historic responsibility” in Afghanistan.  The (literal) man on the Afghan street doesn’t agree:

…Esmatullah, a young construction worker on a Kabul street corner, was unimpressed. “Even if they bring the whole of America, they won’t be able to stabilize Afghanistan. Only Afghans understand our traditions, geography and way of life.”

He and Ron Paul should hang out.  More concerning from the Reuters report on Obama’s speech:

In his speech, Obama also focused on Pakistan, saying a cancer had taken root in its border region with Afghanistan and promised U.S. help to end it. Some officials in Islamabad fear the U.S. surge in Afghanistan will further destabilize their country.

Hopefully he won’t decide we need to “fix” that problem too.  More here.

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