Obama, as a Senator, discussing the dangers of “National Security Letters” allowed by the Patriot Act

This is a good video of Obama, before he was President, arguing about the dangers of the National Security Letters in the PATRIOT Act:

“This is legislation that puts our own Justice Department above the law.”

“The National Security Letters are an issue.  They allow federal agents to conduct any search, on any American, no matter how extensive, how wide-ranging, without ever going before a judge to prove that the search is necessary.  All that is needed is a sign off from a local FBI agent.  That’s it.”

“No judge will hear your plea.  No jury will hear your case.  This is just plain wrong.”

Here is another good video of President Obama arguing the same talking points of the Tea Party today, in terms of deficit reduction, when he was first elected President:

While hilarious to many of us in the liberty movement, these videos may also help reach to former Obama supporters that may see these positions as radical today.

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