Obama Continues Pakistan Airstrikes

In his first days of office the “President of Peace” continues to allow American forces within the soveriegn country of Pakistan. And from the twenty-two dead: fourteen were civilians.


“ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – The death toll from two suspected U.S. missile attacks on al-Qaida bases in northwest Pakistan has risen to 22, officials and residents said Saturday. Eight suspected foreign militants were among the dead…

Friday’s attacks were the first since the inauguration of President Barack Obama, and suggest that he will allow U.S. forces to continue targeting al-Qaida and Taliban operatives inside Pakistan’s lawless tribal belt.

Pakistani leaders complain that the stepped-up missile strikes — more than 30 since August — violate the country’s sovereignty and undermine the government’s own efforts to tackle rising Islamist violence at home.” (Full article at MSNBC)

Some CHANGE right?

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