Obama-era FBI program that detained, tortured Americans uncovered

Mother Jones’ Nick Baumann uncovers an FBI program that detained and tortured Americans in foreign countries outside U.S. law. Among the Americans caught in this was a teenager:

Mohamed is one of a growing number of American Muslims who claim they were captured overseas and questioned in secret at the behest of the United States, victims of what human rights advocates call “proxy detention”—or “rendition-lite.” The latter is a reference to the Bush- and Clinton-era CIA practice of capturing foreign nationals suspected of terrorism and “rendering” them to countries such as Egypt, Jordan, or Morocco for interrogations that often involved torture.

The most recent case was December 20, 2010, not even a year ago, when Gulet Mohamed was kidnapped by Kuwait government thugs for the FBI and repeatedly tortured.

This is not Bush-era torture happening to prisoners of war in Iraq in 2006.

This is Obama-era torture and it is happening to American teenagers.

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