Obama: “I am not in favor of legalization.”

Today an “Ask Obama” forum was held by YouTube, with questions submitted and voted on online. One question was about drug legalization, from a member of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition). Obama says he “is not in favor of legalization” but he does think it is a “legitimate topic for debate.” What a guy! How nice of him — letting us debate and all.

His administration should take a break from its Drug War Crimes, learn the consequences and Economics of Prohibition, and stop the war on drugs (and the Constitution). Below is the video of Obama’s answer, followed by some humor about the drug war. (Don’t forget about libertarian comedian Doug Stanhope’s stand-up tour, kicking off right after CPAC!)

Bill Hicks (RIP) on the drug war (Warning: strong language):
Doug Stanhope on drugs — not literally — as far as I know (Warning: strong language):
One more of Doug Stanhope on the subject (Warning: strong language):

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