Obama to appear in latest Spider-Man comic

Reuters reports that President Elect Barack Obama will appear on the cover of the Wednesday addition of the weekly Spider-Man comic. Reuters further stated that, “The special edition of the weekly Spider-Man comic features a six-page story about the superhero saving the day when an imposter tries to take Obama’s place as president. It is due to hit newsstands next Wednesday.” On the Spider-Man cover image, Spider-man hangs upside down behind Obama’s image and whispers into his ears, “Hey, if you get to be on my cover, can I be on the dollar bill?”

Because our currency is fiat currency, I doubt it would matter very much just ‘who’ was in the image on the Federal Reserve Note. As far as paper money is concerned, Scooby Doo would serve the purpose just as well.

Marvel expects the Spider-Man/Obama issue to be released on Wednesday to become a collectors item. Read the full story here.

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