Obama: Too much debt could fuel double-dip recession

From Reuters:

President Barack Obama gave his sternest warning yet about the need to contain rising U.S. deficits, saying on Wednesday that if government debt were to pile up too much, it could lead to a double-dip recession.

With the U.S. unemployment rate at 10.2 percent, Obama told Fox News his administration faces a delicate balance of trying to boost the economy and spur job creation while putting the economy on a path toward long-term deficit reduction.

Duh genius!! So much for stating the obvious.

It really puzzles me that people fall for this idiocy. How can a President preach deficit reduction and debt reduction, while at the same time piling up spending bill after spending bill? It makes no sense at all, and it made no sense in the past administration.

This country has a crisis coming for it and it is time to stand up and take control. Stop the out-of-control government spending, stop the infringement on our civil liberties, and allow the American people to prosper under a free market. That is the only thing that works.

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