Obamanomics, by Tim Carney

Tim Carney is currently the Lobbying Editor and a columnist at the Washington Examiner. His work has also appeared in the WSJ, New York Post, American Spectator, American Conservative, HuffPost, National Review, and Human Events.  His first book “The Big Ripoff: How Big Business and Big Gov’t Steal your Money,” won the Templeton Enterprise Award from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and the 2006 Lysander Spooner award for “Best book in Liberty.”

In Decemember, Tim joined me for an interview about his new book, “Obamanomics: How Barack Obama is Bankrupting You and Enriching His Wall Street Friends, Corporate Lobbyists, and Union Bosses,” with a foreward by Ron Paul.

You can find Tim’s blog here, or read his articles at the Washington Examiner here.  Again I highly suggest picking up Obamanomics, even if its not for yourself. This book is eye opening to both liberal and conservative crowds. Pass it on to a friend and it will change how they think about Washington. 
Thank you, Tim, for the interview.

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