Obamanomics vs. America

President Obama gave the first of several speeches on the state of our economy last week. The goal was to get law makers in Washington to ‘pivot’ their thoughts back towards helping the middle class to become stronger economically. The President laid out a path of what he plans to do if Congress does not act.

This President sure is putting a lot of effort into saying Americans can be average. Since when is it a part of the ‘American dream’ to be average? Families and individuals did not and do not come to America to be average.

We need to put a stop to the class warfare that is killing our country. Why not boast support for the one class that matters: the American people as a whole. America was built by the hands of the poor who became rich because of their efforts. Without the wealthy, there would be no jobs. Companies that don’t make big profits don’t create jobs; they go bankrupt.

The so-called lower class of people in America still lives much better than most in other countries, especially third world countries. My heart goes out to Americans and the people of the world alike who are struggling, but the solution to these difficulties is not larger government. True prosperity can only come as a result of personal responsibility. “Simply put, how much the top 1 percent of the population earns has no bearing on whether the bottom 20 percent can move up,” says David Azerrad of the Heritage Foundation.

We don’t need the government keeping the American people content with minimum wage jobs. Those who seek to grow government take advantage of people in need, trading often empty promises of financial security for political power. But as Ronald Reagan said that “We should measure welfare’s success by how many people leave welfare, not by how many are added.” And, “Welfare’s purpose should be to eliminate, as far as possible, the need for its own existence.”

Unfortunately, this is rarely how welfare programs have worked in practice. The Heritage Foundation conducted a study which found, “The federal government runs over 70 different means-tested anti-poverty programs.” Yet, “these programs do not help the recipients move from a position of dependence on the government to being able to provide for themselves.”

It’s impossible to eradicate poverty with government dependency. Entrepreneurs and business will eradicate poverty through the creation of wealth. With the healthy creation of wealth the fact “is that the rich are getting richer — but the poor are getting richer too,” says Danny Huizinga of Baylor University.

Contra President Obama’s aims, let’s pivot the thoughts of Washington lawmakers back to less government and more liberty.

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