Obama’s Anti-Youth Agenda

I stumbled across this Politico article today.  It’s definitely worth a read:

President Barack Obama won in 2008 with the vigorous support of young voters. Four years after the Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) won voters 29 and younger by just nine percentage points, Obama won them by 34 points — 66 percent to 32 percent.


Given how enthusiastically young voters embraced Obama, many assume that his policies have had largely positive effects on America’s youth.


But a closer look reveals that Obama’s agenda harms many young Americans in important ways. In fact, many may be beginning to feel that they literally cannot afford to be as exuberant about the man they so easily fell for….


Obama constantly told young voters that his agenda was designed with their best interests in mind. We’re doing this “for the next generation” was his mantra.  But two years later, many young people are searching for jobs and finding only a president who increasingly fails to reflect their values and priorities.

Read the whole article here.  (Note:  Bush’s policies weren’t so hot either, and this doesn’t even mention foreign policy…)

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