Obama’s Doublethink in Egypt

Federal law prevents the United States from sending money to a regime that has been removed by a military coup. Normally a ‘coup’ is whenever an established leader is overthrown by another faction of the government. So, when Mohamed Morsi was removed by leaders of its own military, the White House conspicuously began referring to the conflict as anything but a “coup”.

Without the yearly $1.5 billion aid package due to Cairo, the White House would lose much of its ability to act as a political puppet master. This would be a major blow to the United States’ influence in the highly unstable region. So, to ensure that the aid package (bribe) still went through the wires, it was necessary for the White House to employ a classic tactic of Orwellian doublethink—as defined in the prophetic dystopian novel 1984—“to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies”. Instead of a coup, it’s an intervention.

When a government can get away with repeatedly and publicly lying to the faces of its people in order to circumvent laws written explicitly to constrain its own powers, there is a serious problem. The rule of law—on which our nation was founded—becomes nothing more than a tool for the ruling class to distort reality.

For example, all you have to do is label someone an “enemy combatant”, and suddenly it is legal to unilaterally initiate drones strikes against them as a matter of national security.

Language is one of the most potent tools a regime can use for political ends. In early July, the Obama administration unilaterally “delayed” the small business provision in its own healthcare act in order to schedule the coming boondoggle until after the next Congressional election. Despite the highly questionable legality of retroactively changing a bill for blatantly political reasons, Obama has not made public justifications about the delay.

This is not surprising; the government believes that pursuing its own agenda supersedes any laws on the books. To a tyrannical government, laws are nothing more than a two-way mirror to keep watchful control of its citizens while shielding itself from consequences. Things an individual is prohibited from doing in the name of preserving the “public good” are invariably done—far  more egregiously—by branches of the government itself. This double standard is indicative of the fundamental relationship between lawmakers and the public itself—and the disconnect that invariably exists between a citizenry and its government.

When an out of control government writes the laws, interprets the laws, and carries out the laws, the rule of law becomes the most powerful political tool there is. Make no mistake, the fox is guarding the chicken coop.

On July 6th, a White House statement reiterated that “the United States is not aligned with, and does not support, any particular Egyptian political party or group”. I wonder, then, which of the murderous factions the 4 F-16s that the Pentagon is now sending to Egypt will be aiding. “This is an incredibly complex and difficult situation,” according to press secretary Jay Carney on July 8th.

Translation: “Ignorance is Strength”.

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