Obama’s Foreign Policy: More of the Same

Ron Paul was recently interviewed by Jihan Hafiz of Press TV. When questioned about Obama’s foreign policy, he indicated that this administration will just be more of the same:

Press TV: Dr. Paul, thank you for joining us. Let’s start with foreign policy. How do you think the new administration will handle the war in Iraq?

Paul: The same way the old administration had. I don’t expect a whole lot of changes although he [US President-elect Barack Obama] had promised to bring the troops home in 16 months, now he isn’t out on this because of the so-called agreement.

But I don’t think he was ever serious about changing foreign policy. I think foreign policy in this country always stays the same whether the Republicans or Democrats lead it, because when you look at what George Bush ran on in the year 2000, he was strongly critical of Clinton’s foreign policy of too much nation building and too much policing of the world, because the American people liked to hear that. But once they get in they do the same thing.

For Dr. Paul’s full answer, and for his take on the economic crisis and the constitution, click here.

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