Obama’s Hiring: No Private Sector Experience Needed

BigGovernment.com has a nice little article titled “Obama: King of All Statists.”  It shows a graph originally created from a J.P. Morgan report that was first posted at the Enterprise Blog (blog.american.com) by Nick Schluz.  Kinda interesting that the report came from J.P. Morgan, isn’t it?  I wonder if they received any TARP money and if they did, if they will feel any sort of ACORN or heavy handed reprisals.

The graph shows the private sector experience of Cabinet appointments from 1900-2009.  Republicans average around 50% while Democrats were closer to 30%.

However, less than 10% of President Obama’s Cabinet has private sector experience.  Makes one wonder where they get off thinking they can run the a centrally planned economy.

As you can see, the first big dip was under Kennedy’s “Brain Trust” and that trend is uber-exemplified by Barack Obama’s own “Brain Trust” effort to “make government cool again.”  And as any fool knows, the quickest way to make government cool again is to destroy the private sector where the real job market is.  Has everyone forgotten that the private sector is the only part of our economy that pays for the vast welfare-warfare, bread and circuses, public sector?

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