Obama’s New Gitmo Deadline


Obama’s new Gitmo deadline is not this year or next year — but January 22, 2013. Political obstacles are key to this delay, but keep in mind how little Obama has accomplished of what he promised for this year.

As promising as a Jan. 22, 2010 deadline sounded, some were not deceived. John Bellinger, who was Condoleeza Rice’s advisor, speculated that Obama would fall short of his promise.

Others don’t see it would make much of a difference at all. “What’s the point? You would just be moving Guantanamo in the US,” said Human Rights Watch counterterrorism adviser Stacy Sullivan.

As typical as this is of Obama’s political mishaps and misteps, one thing is for sure: He as revived the right, at least for the time being. Whether it be the Tea Partiers, fiscal or social conservatives, liberatarians or independants, there is a growing national disapproval of the Obama administration’s Marxist and globalist policies.

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