Obama’s Public-Private Partnership

In an article called, “Back Door to Socialism,” Chris Brown of Austro-Libertarian.com explains the fallacies of Public-Private Partnerships. These partnerships will be the key way President-Elect Obama will fuse the public and private sectors together even more than they already are. (Apparently Obama lived under a rock while Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac went down the tube.)  And as an employee in the bureaucratic misery that is quasi-governmental companies, (whose name shall remain unknown so I can remain an employee) I can affirm the fallacies of government inspired “innovation.”  Read about that HERE.

Ludwig von Mises put it this way,

Progress is precisely that which the rules and regulations did not foresee; it is necessarily outside the field of bureaucratic activities.


Bureaucrats make things better about as well as babies change their own diapers. Katrina anyone? PPPs are just another plan for Statist’s to centrally plan the economy while the uninformed sit idly by.  

“Obama uses PPPs to justify government involvement and intervention, and he typically associates PPPs with innovation, which seems like an oxymoron. Fortunately, the Austrian economist can point out the many likely effects and unintended consequences of government intervention in the form of PPPs…”

Read Chris Brown’s article HERE.

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