Obama’s Vietnam

I can remember back to 2002, after 9/11 and the ramp up for the Iraq war,  I was a gun-hoe supporter of kicking those terrorists a$$es all over the map. However, as the years drew on, and I spent my time in college watching our government botch the war effort, I began to question many aspects of our involvement in the Middle East.

For the past couple of years I have been a proponent of getting our boys home and ending our involvement in the Middle East. I discovered the philosophy of Ron Paul and the non-interventionists, and firmly believe we have no right to be the policemen of the world. We have a habit of going over to these countries and causing more damage, and waste trillions of dollars that we don’t have.

I am not an isolationist, but rather a Constitutionalist, and came to the conclusion that the United States violates the Constitution when it doesn’t declare war. If you are going to fight a war you must declare the war. It is pretty simple and would take away any doubt of legitimacy.

This country elected a president that claimed to be the anti-war candidate. I liked the stance. However, he has been anything but the anti-war president and has now got us bogged down in Afghanistan. Politico is now reporting the backlash President Obama is having with his own ideology:

White House officials are increasingly worried liberal, anti-war Democrats will demand a premature end to the Afghanistan war before President Barack Obama can show signs of progress in the eight-year conflict, according to senior administration sources.

We have spent trillions on two wars that didn’t yield any kind of victory and we keep poking our noses around looking for another attack on this country. Ron Paul was right when he said that the reason we got attacked on 9/11 was because of our presence in the Middle East. It is referred to as blow back by the CIA. It is not anti-American to utter this statement, but rather patriotic. It is patriotic to bring our military home and have them protect us here.

The mentality that “we have to fight them over there, so they won’t attack us here” is ludicrous. If you secure the borders of this country, while protecting the rights of citizens, we will be safe.

War is almost never justified, but sometimes it is necessary.  I’d argue that we should have declared war on Afghanistan, and beat the crap out of them, and came home. But now we have been there for 8 years, and we are still having an issue controlling the situation. That is what happens when you get bogged down in a war; you will eventually lose. Just look at Vietnam…

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