Oberlin College’s new chapter kicks of the semester!

This past month, Oberlin College’s new YAL chapter hosted its first membership drive on campus. We were lucky enough to have been provided with necessary recruitment materials from the YAL organization beforehand. This truly helped us spread the word about our new chapter and hit the ground running. We were successful in not only educating our peers in the ideas of liberty, but in finding new members for our YAL chapter.

It was great to see so many Obies passionate about the liberty movement. And as a new charter, we are excited to start planning events for this academic year. One of our focuses will be to promote positive political discourse on campus. In the wake of the 2016 election, free speech has been troubled on college campuses. We see this as a problem. And our solution is to host several debate series. We will bring in panels of politicians, lawyers, and/or activists from differently opinioned backgrounds and have them debate in front of the study body. We believe this will achieve our goal of promoting discourse on campus, as well as protecting free speech.

We look forward to hosting more recruitment events and increasing the strength of our influence on campus!


Elie Small – President and Founder

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