Occupy the Honor Roll ETSU

On Friday the 27th, the ETSU chapter of Young Americans for Liberty conducted our final event of the semester. The satirical “Occupy the Honor Roll” event was preceded by putting the attached fliers around campus in high traffic areas such as light poles on the way to the cafeteria and indoor and outdoor notice boards.

The event lasted for about three hours. We positioned our table outside one of the main entrances to the food court and asked people “Would you like to sign our petition?” Most of the students asked what the petition was for; during the first hour of our event, we explained the petition by saying that we wanted equal grades, ending discriminatory grading practices, and that all students should have a chance at a good job. Of course, we told them that this would be achieved by giving everyone in the class the same grade. Unfortunately, this gained many signatures. As soon as people heard “ending discriminatory grading” they wanted to sign the petition. We offered them to read the flier to see how we were going to end discriminatory grading, but many people did not even read what they were signing!

After the first hour of our demonstration, we made the petition seem more radical. We clearly stated that it would make everyone get a C. We told people that even if they did not go to class at all or do any of the work, they would get a C. We even told them that this would apply to medical classes. Still, we had many people sign our petition.

On the bright side, we had several people that disagreed with our petition. Once a person showed opposition to our plan, we told them that our petition was a scam and intended only for self-reflection. We then proceeded to tell them the true purpose of YAL and invited them to join our chapter.

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