Occupy the Honor Roll

On September 15th our chapter at Regent hosted the “Occupy the Honor Roll” event. We held it in our student center during one of the busiest times of day and we got a lot of confused looks at first. With our posters and banners declaring the unfair and injustice of some students having a 3.5 GPA or higher while many students only had a 2.0, many students were hesitant to approach, while others jumped right in and started asking questions. We had several different volunteers engaging with students one on one and asking what they felt about the injustice of the grading system. Once they were involved and talking, we clarified that the entire event was satirical and meant to point out the flaws of the occupy Wall street movement. This got a lot of students interested, and we had even more sign ups that day then we did at our recruitment drive! Thanks to our wonderful activists and volunteers, we were able to hand out a lot of materials and engage a lot of students one on one. 

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