October 2nd

I posted earlier on this blog that I am willing to donate about $100 to any YAL chapter if they promise to create some T-shirts for their group to advertise themselves on campus.  In return, I only ask that they send me one shirt so I can collect one from each YAL chapter in the country. I have imposed a deadline of October 2nd, 2009 on my offer.  The only requirements are that the shirts must say “Young Americans for Liberty” and your school name on them and include a freedom-inspiring quote on the back.  Thus far I have gotten requests from the following universities and one high school:

Wake Forest University,
Perdue University,
Middle Tennessee State University,
Ohio State University,
Arlington High School (NY)
University of Wisconson – Madison.

Here is my email. So if you have any questions or concerns please email me so we can chat about what your T-shirt will say and we can go from there.  Keep up all the good work students and continue onward!

PS:  Try to make the shirts a different color than YAL national’s navy blue — variety is good, and you might consider using your school colors.

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