October Chapter Activities- University of Idaho

We started off very active this month but slowed down over the course of October. We held two official meetings, the first of which was Abigail Stewart’s first meeting: she became a dues-paying member and will be a valuable asset and friend as we continue to grow. Our second meeting was supposed to have brought in a new member but she had a last-minute change of schedule and was unable to attend. As a result, the remaining three of us watched a political comedy instead. That was certainly fun. After that, our month slowed down: Sean had planned on going to Boise to get some formal wear but was not able to for personal reasons and Abbie was with her parents for the University of Idaho’s Dads’ Weekend. I took the time to go get my concealed carry permit. I also got our Restore the Fourth supplies a few days ago, so my intention is to do a tabling event for that next week or the week after depending on scheduling; it would simply get too cold if I waited for Sean to get his suit over Thanksgiving break.

We have another event planned this weekend, but it’s intended to be a surprise. I can say with a good deal of confidence it will generate a lot of attention. Other than that, my current objective is to sign one more member up and get university recognition. I have a person in mind, and as of Monday my schedule is much freer than it was previously. That should help her fit within our existent time-frames better although it might require me to change our meeting date.

On a final note, I have begun the application process for official ASUI (Associated Students of the University of Idaho, our student governing body) recognition. That is a step above normal university formalities and a successful petition would entitle us to a wide range of benefits, including up to $2,000 of university funding a year. Although there’s certainly irony in using taxpayer funds to pay for libertarian activities, it’s not as if that money is going to be used for a better purpose by anyone else.

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