October Events at FSU

The following list details the official events for FSU College Libertarians through the month of October. This doesn’t include socials which are held after every meeting and hang-outs which are usually scheduled on Fridays at clubs and bars.

This month has focused heavily on speaker presentations, conference promotion for the Students for Liberty Regional Conference which we’re hosting at the end of the month, and activism for various issues. Speaking presentations featured David Gantt from the Convention of States Project who talked about constitutional convention alternatives for limiting the size of the federal government, Thomas Frey who presented on Libertarianism and Welfare Alternatives, and Peter Chan who discussed the Ending the Drug War.

The Americans for Prosperity Grassroots Activism Certification I program concluded this month with about a dozen certified grassroots activists who will be eligible to continue the certification courses for level II in the spring.

We 10/04: Market Wednesday – activism – COSP

We 10/04: AFP Grassroots Activism Certification 4

Th 10/05: GBM 3 – David Gantt (COSP) and Socratic

We 10/11: Market Wednesday – conference promo

We 10/11: AFP Grassroots Activism Certification

Th 10/12: GBM 4 – Thomas Frey

Su 10/15: Women For Liberty 1 – Wine Social

We 10/18: Market Wednesday – conference promo

Th 10/19: GBM 5 – Peter Chan – Drug War

Sa 10/21: Leadership Institute conference

Sa 10/21: Louisville Tailgate co-host with College Reps

Su 10/22: Liberty on the Rocks (LOTR) Meeting 2

We 10/25: Market Wednesday – conference promo

Fr 10/27: SFL Tallahassee Libertarian Film Festival

Sa 10/28: SFL Southeast Regional Conference

Sa 10/28: Indian Village Halloween Social

Su 10/29: College Reps co-host shooting range

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