October in New Mexico

Wow, October sure was eventful for the Young Americans for Liberty at UNM. 

civil liberties graveyard

To kick things off, on October 10, two representatives from YAL at UNM, Vivianne and myself, attended the Students for Liberty Regional Conference in Las Cruces, NM, hosted by New Mexico State University. We learned a lot about different activism techniques and the political environment within the state of New Mexico.

Debate party

On October 13, we hosted a famous YAL Debate Watch Party. We gathered at Jordan, our ASUNM Senator and YAL member’s house to have a great night of socializing and criticizing the presidential candidates on stage. We find these social events to be particularly important, as they build a sense of family within YAL!

Civil Asset event

On October 14, YAL was invited to a Civil Asset Forfeiture Forum hosted by the Charles Koch Institute and the Rio Grande Foundation, a local liberty think-tank. It was an amazing opportunity to attend the forum and hear many prominent members of the New Mexico community address concerns about Civil Asset Forfeiture, and what makes it such a terrible practice. 

We had planned on hosting our Incarceration Nation on the 19 of October, unfortunately, the weather prevented that from occurring, and we rescheduled Incarceration Nation for the beginning of November, instead. 

On the 26 we skipped our regular meeting and relocated to my house to prepare for YAL-oween and our Civil Liberties Graveyard.

Happy YAL-oween

On October 28, we hosted our Civil Liberties Graveyard! We decided to try and be as visible as possible. We broke out the Gasden and Gonzalez flags and hung them from our tent. Additionally, we made our headstones as visible as possible and wrote “dead Liberties” of which people might be aware. We tried to avoid over-generalizing and writing Amendments, so we stuck with the basics. Brandon, our Vice President had an idea to write “RIP Reagan” on a headstone, and it turned out to be a good idea. Students were willing to sign up once they saw that we were a conservative club on campus, and apparently the Reagan headstone helped to clear that up! Later that night, we held another famous YAL debate party.

preparing the graveyard



Young Americans for Liberty at UNM is thriving. I’m excited to continue to grow the chapter and share the story along the way!

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