Off to a great start at Baylor

YAL @ Baylor University has hit the ground running this semester with a variety of recruitment activities, events, and socials! We are so fortunate to have a dedicated core of returning students, and one excellent alumni adviser, that have invested much of their time and effort into getting this fall off to a great start.

BUYAL Leadership

BUYAL started out the semester by participating in Baylor’s “Late Night” student activities fair, where we added over 100 signatures to our email list! After the event we hosted a Midnight Breakfast. There, we cooked pancakes and eggs for 25 interested new students!

Tabling at Late Night

The rest of Labor Day weekend was filled with barbecues and trips to the local farmers market to get acquainted with our new sign-ups and show off a bit of Waco to our freshman members. BUYAL spent much of the first week of school tabling, passing out books, and encouraging anyone that walked by to take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

We have decided to organize our meetings in a way that devotes two to three weeks to a topic chosen by leadership. This way, we may devote one week solely to educating and discussing the topic with members who may be unfamiliar with it, followed by one to two weeks of planning an activism event on campus.

Our first topic of the school year was police militarization. We ended this segment with an event hosted by BUYAL in conjunction with Baylor’s NAACP and Panhellenic Council called “No Justice, No Peace?” The evening event focused on the recent events in Ferguson and featured Ferguson students as well as members of Waco’s Chamber of Commerce. The day after the event, BUYAL set up a Freedom Wall — our version of a Free Speech Wall — on campus and passed out materials and pocket constitutions to celebrate Constitution Week.

BUYAL Freedom Wall

Right now, BUYAL is in the midst of our War on Drugs unit. We spent last week discussing our thoughts on the drug war and showing Learn Liberty videos to introduce the topic. This week we will begin planning a strong visual project to be displayed the week of October 13!

Trying to balance out the boys

I am personally thrilled that we have gotten off to such an exciting start, and even more excited that BUYAL has made it one of our goals to reach out to more girls on campus. We have gotten into the habit of hanging out after every meeting, and our group has developed some great camaraderie because of it. We are going to do great things for the liberty movement this year, so stay tuned!

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