Off to the races at San Francisco State University

As every liberty lover knows, activism is hard work, especially when you attend the third most left-wing campus in the nation (San Francisco State University). Just like any race, it’s important to start off on the right foot. So over the summer, we upped our supplies, purchased a banner, and got ready for year. But something was missing. 


So I called a friend from the Liberty Institute to help us out. He came up with the free speech wall…on his chest. He enthusiastically stated, “I am free speech encarnated!” Fine enough for me. With such a handsome guy, how could we go wrong!


So we got our gear, and got on the march. We tallied around 35 new sign-ups, and four new official members and had an awesome day! Guess people in San Francisco are inclined to liberty after all. 

Speech 2

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