Oglethorpe’s Membership Drive

Wow! When I started the Oglethorpe University chapter of YAL I had no idea how many people would be interested. Finally getting recognized by the University as an official club a couple of weeks into the semester, I thought our chances to recruit potential new members would be slim and remember having a conversation with Loren Ware, my second in command, about how we would be lucky to have around a dozen interested and only a handful join. Well we knocked those numbers very early and after tabling aggressively at our student center for four day we recorded around 24 people who had serious interest in joining and more who said they would spread the word about our club. Those numbers might not sound huge but when paired with the fact that our school is very left to say the least and there are about 1100 undergrad students, our chapter was delighted to see these numbers. At our next meeting we will help everyone who wants to join join through the website and then hopefully soon after start our first major event.

For now however I must thank the guidance and knowledge of Adam Heffner and get back to my studies.

Give Me Liberty,

Ron Chastain

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