Oh, the horror!

FOX News reports that the federal government is cracking down on bootleggers on the Navajo Indian reservation. It is illegal to consume or sell alcohol within the reservation’s borders, but — not surprisingly — it happens anyway.

The best part of the clip comes when FOX shows an undercover video it received: “It shows officers slipping cash to those bootleggers, then getting beer or liquor in return.” Oh, the horror, the horror! The reporter adds, “The problem has gotten so out of hand federal authorities are now involved conducting busts.” Watch the full video here.

Who do these Navajo think they are? Voluntarily exchanging money for goods? This is Amuhrica — we don’t take kindly to that ’round here. But thank God for the Feds. They’ll fix the problem. After all, if there is anyone an Indian can trust, it’s the federal government.

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