Oh Those Nutty Progressives

I know this is a little long but I had to post a copy of this newsletter I received in my email today.  I particularly like the “green stimulus package” and the “USA Refugee Corps” ideas at the bottom:

DEC 8 – DEC 14

Feminist Hits of 2008;

Rethinking Homelessness;
Defending Activism

Next week brings Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, and while the talk of the web this week has been about religion, the tone hasn’t been very seasonal.

Instead, there’s an uproar afoot about Barack Obama’s choice of pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration. Many activists are upset that the source of several anti-gay comments is being given such prominence. See our Gay Rights blog for a roundup of reactions from influentials across the web.

Our Ideas for Change in America project continues to gain momentum, attracting more than 4,000 submissions (including one from anti-corruption and copyright activist Lawrence Lessig) and over 100,000 votes. The first round ends on Dec. 31, so submit your idea and vote for your favorites now!

All the while, our bloggers are continuing to cover a diverse range of issues like pondering the possibility of genocide prevention, using Twitter for Fair Trade, and George Bush’s midnight mischief as he seeks to weaken wildlife protections before leaving office.

Here’s more:

Feminist Hits of 2008

Women’s Rights editor Jen Nedeau highlights her top ten moments in feminism for 2008, and you might be surprised at what she selects. Barack Obama, sex slavery, and Sex and the City — when’s the last time you saw those words in the same sentence?

Rethinking Homelessness

Since the 1980s, the cause of homelessness has been framed as a matter of individual shortcomings, writes Homelessness blogger Shannon Moriarity. The reality, Shannon writes, is that homelessness is the result of broader, systemic issues that affect all of us.

Defending Activism

Animal Rights blogger Stephanie Ernst offers an impassioned defense of animal rights activists — for whom there is no glamour, money, or corporate ladder — that could just as easily be applied to activists of all stripes.

The Humanitarian Lexicon

While traveling in Kenya, Humanitarian Relief blogger Michael Kleinman resumed work on a list he began compiling a few years ago, detailing the phrases that overseas aid workers would find it useful to know in various languages. One of his first entries: “That’s a nice weapon.”

Videos for Justice

Beginning the progression of highlights and lowlights in Criminal Justice this year, Matt Kelley posts his top five videos in criminal justice this year, from the War on Drugs in 100 Seconds to a great four-minute recap of the Troy Davis case.

That’s it for now! Have a very happy holiday, and see you next week. 

– The Change.org Team

Popular Ideas This Week

ReBuild and RePower America with a Green Stimulus Package

USA Refugee Corps

Invest in human capital for global health

Convert School Kitchens into Service Centers

End the Genocide in Darfur

Declare a Moratorium on the Federal Death Penalty

Stop the Raids

Peak Water: Let’s Solve It

Introduce term limits on all political offices

Declare the White House a Fair Trade Zone

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