Ohio U Kicks Off its Recruitment Drive

2016 is looking great for our chapter here at Ohio University. Many of the prospects from last semester have really stepped up for our chapter. There is a lot more students at our tabling events as a result. Our new members endured the cold of Athens two weeks in a row, but we believe we’re reaching out to more people than ever before. 

Our protest from last semester for AirBnB; we will be pursuing this issue in the next few days

Additionally, our group has been engaging in local issues in our community. With city council banning Air BnB within the city, we joined with GenOpp, from Columbus in taking a stand for private property rights. So, anyone recruited during our drive has been directed to join us for this year’s first activism event.

Promotional material for the Athens AirBnB Issue from GenOpp, a partner organization from Columbus focused on aiding millennials

This coming President’s Day, we will attend the Athens City Council meeting and speak out against their decision to infringe on the rights of private citizens. We will be sure to keep updates on this issue, and we’d like to thank YAL for providing us with the ability to pursue this cause.

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