Ohio U Young Americans for LIberty Mobilizes in Support of Private Enterprise in Athens

Nearly on the fly, our YAL group was approached with the issue of a private citizen receiving a cease and desist order from the city government of Athens for operating an Air BnB in his home. We see this as an outrageous infringement upon rights of private property when this local citizen opens his home to tourists and receives a stringent fine for simply asking for engaging in a voluntary service. 

This cease and desist order was issued by the city, forcing this private citizen to pay a $500 fine per day just to have Air BnB

We peacefully assembled outside of city hall chanting, “Our homes, our choice”, and engaged with the press and members of the community. Some citizens approached us and could empathize as they too operated Air BnB’s themselves. Clearly there is support in our city for private enterprise and with YAL’s support our chapter intends to further engage the community and its government to respect rights of private property in Athens!

President of Ohio Students for Liberty, Sam Raptis chanting with YAL Vice President, Conor Fogarty and other members to protest

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