Ohio University- Our fun little event with Edward Snowden

So, at Ohio University, our YAL/SFL chapter really wanted to hit the ground running this semester. With a new executive board throwing around a myriad of ideas, we have narrowed our focus on specializing in certain issues every week. Our logic is that by promoting issues that may be more prevalent in people’s minds, we will find ourselves in a greater position to engage in a discussion about liberty and encourage people to come to our meetings.

To provide a greater springboard for discussions of liberty, we decided to devote this week to a showing of Citizen Four, the documentary which detailed the groundbreaking story of Edward Snowden. High winds on that Tuesday did cause some difficulty getting all the assorted literature together (the sign advertising the movie itself collapsed several times). But, we are persistent here at OU, and neither rain nor high water deters us from getting our message out.


That week, we were fortunate enough to have added 7 potential members to the email list. That Wednesday night, our showing of Citizen Four went off extremely well, and was attended by a good crowd of 13, 6 of whom were new people. We certainly hope that our showing has raised interest in our group and that our tabling events draw more attention to our club on campus.

Here at OU, our vigorous and intellectually diverse executive board has a lot of great ideas being thrown around, all with a down-to-earth mindset on how to make the ideas a reality. We are grateful for the support of YAL so far and can certainly see our chapter growing and going far.

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