Old Dominion University YAL’s Incarceration Nation activism

Incarceration Nation was possibly our most successful activism in over a year. Old Dominion University’s chapter has had its ups and downs, but with many sign-ups as a result of this activism event, we’re looking forward to our future.


Unfortunately, our chapter has been short on manpower and time and we were unable to obtain the materials to build the PVC prison bars. Nevertheless, we were all excited for the activism. We had the most people working on Incarceration Nation than we’ve had for any other activism this academic year.


Because of the cases of alleged police brutality, many people seemed interested in the activism. People seem to understand that something isn’t right when the “freest country in the world” has the highest prison population in the world, even when compared to China, a country with lesser freedoms and larger populations.


Almost everyone we talked to at least wanted to fill out the petitions for criminal justice reform and were eager to talk about us. Many people also signed up and showed great interest in coming out to Young Americans for liberty. With more people on board for next year, we’re hoping that ODU YAL is able to move on to bigger and better things!

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