Ole Miss Rebels For Liberty: End of the World Social

On election night Rebels for Liberty hosted a poll watching social. Spirits were lively and emotions were high for everyone there. To break some tension Rebels for Liberty served pizza and encouraged everyone to play our election-related games like “Liberty Pong”, “Pin the Toupe on The Donald”, and “Bobbing for Deleted Emails”.

Rebels for Liberty’s next event will be tabling for free speech! We’re excited to set up a free speech ball, see what people write, and host our follow-up meeting soon afterward. The free speech ball/follow-up meeting will likely be our last few meetings of the semester.

R4L is also teaming up with our local Libertarian Party to host “Liberty on the Rocks” once a month. Our officers and members are very excited about this opportunity as it gives us more of a chance to meet and socialize with our town’s friendly libertarian residents.

We have officially registered to be a student organization, found a faculty advisor, and are awaiting our confirmation. This is great news for us because we are looking forward to being able to book rooms on campus to host meetings.

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