Ole Miss Rebels for Liberty: YLYR Meeting

Rebels for Liberty kept the ball rolling after a successful “Your Life. Your Right.” tabling. On Tuesday, October 25th we had our follow-up meeting where we screened the documentary by Vice “3-D Printed Guns”. Our liberty lovers were both excited about the idea of 3-D printed guns and shocked how the media portrayed them as a terrifying killing machine. After reviewing statistics, and a discussion the group consensus was that our Rebels are very passionate about their right to defend themselves. Our next planned event is our “End of the World Party” where we will watch election results and play election-related games like: “Pin the Toupé on the Donald” and “Bobbing for Deleted Emails”. However, we plan to table and meet again before November 8th. We’re excited to say Rebels for Liberty has finally found a faculty advisor which means we should be able to reserve rooms for meetings on campus very soon as well as apply for money from the university to facilitate our events. Liberty is alive, and well at Ole Miss.

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