Ole Miss Rebels For Liberty: Your Life. Your Right.

Ole Miss YAL is back up and running! Our tabling with the “Your Life. Your Right.” kit was a huge success.  Passing out pocket constitutions, “what to say to the police” wallet cards, and asking people to take our two question survey proved to be a very useful and efficient way to move traffic to our table and get sign ups. We had overwhelming support for self-defense.

We have also been making large strides to become officially recognized by our university. The last box to check is finding a faculty advisor, and we have several candidates. This can be credited to the hard working, and supportive active members.

Our chapter is looking forward to a prosperous rest of the year, for which we have several events planned! We look forward to sharing all that we do on campus in the coming weeks and months. Liberty is alive, and well at Ole Miss.

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