Ole Miss YAL Has Biggest Recruitment Ever

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This year was Ole Miss YAL’s most successful recruitment in the history of the chapter.

With the help of the Recruitment Drive Kit, we signed up more than 50 new members and had incredible turn-out to the first and second meetings. It seemed that asking people whether or not they liked freedom happened to be the most effective way of getting the attention of people who were on the fence about whether to come up to our table.

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One of our members was quite fond of administering the World’s Smallest Political Quiz to people who said that they weren’t really sure where they fell on the political spectrum, which helped us get a ton of new signups.

What our members learned at the National Convention was incredibly helpful; we used the new Facebook graph search tool to find fans of Ron Paul in our town and invited them to the meeting. We also made sure to send out emails the night of the organization fair to those who had signed up.

After our meeting, we all went to go eat and watch the Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt game. It was a great game, and everyone had a ton of fun.


We are very excited for this semester, and cannot wait to see what these new members will help us do!

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