On a lighter note…

Two great — and humorous! — pieces you should read right now:

  1. Libertarian humorist Dave Barry’s 2009 “Year in Review.”  A small selection:

    [In February,] Congress passes, without reading it, and without actually finishing writing it, a stimulus package totaling $787 billion. The money is immediately turned over to American taxpayers so they can use it to stimulate the economy.

    No! What a crazy idea THAT would be! The money is to be doled out over the next decade or so by members of Congress on projects deemed vital by members of Congress, such as constructing buildings that will be named after members of Congress. This will stimulate the economy by creating millions of jobs, according to estimates provided by the Congressional Estimating Office’s Magical Estimating 8-Ball.

  2. The Borowitz Report‘s “Department of Homeland Security Issues Terrorist ID Cards“:

    [Napolitano] praised the Department’s decision to ban in-flight bathroom use: “One thing every terrorist has in common is that they eventually need to pee.”

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