On the Anniversary…

Remember the Iraq War; let’s not forget the human cost of war and all the related misery that comes as a result of it. I’ve seen little to no news media coverage of the anniversary of the Shock and Awe campaign and, to be honest, I find the lack of reporting on this truly sickening. However, Young Americans for Liberty is on the go.

The Wake Forest chapter, last night, plastered their campus with a total of about 500 pages of the list of people killed due to the U.S. occupation of Iraq. The fliers were compiled by YAL member Nathan Fox-Helser and each flier had the names of each person, the manner in which they were killed and were ordered by the month and year since the invasion.

Remember gals and guys, it’s not enough to sit down at meetings and discuss these issues; we must, all of us, get the message out on each and every one of our campuses. War is not to be taken lightly, nor are any of the other issues respective to the liberty movement. Let’s get out there and change our campuses’ atmospheres.

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