On the Arsenal of Democracy

On November 16, Capital University’s chapter of Young Americans for Liberty had the privilege of hosting New York Times bestselling author Dr. Larry Shweikart.

Rock N Roll in the free world

The goal of our event, aside from bringing a discussion on free markets to campus, was to build up name recognition at Capital. Being in our first semester as a group, brand recognition on campus is still a goal we are working for. Towards that end we operated in conjunction with the campus political science and economics department in addition to Capital’s honors program to further engage with students outside our normal reach. 


Dr. Shweikart presented a lecture titled the “Arsenal of Democracy” which dealt with how market forces allowed the United States to become the leading force during the second World War and ultimately lead the allies’ to victory. Giving the group a brief background on the history of the American defense industry, Shweikart differentiated between the American model, which relies heavily on the private sector, and the established European model, which relied on mainly state owned and operated industry. The main claim of the talk being it is only through the free market that innovation can take place and through this innovation the best instruments and technologies come about. After concluding his lecture, he shared his latest project with us, a new film featuring the role rock and roll style music has helped to topple tyrannical regimes throughout the world.  

Starting up

The event marked the first time our chapter was able to bring in a speaker to campus and thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and the hard work of our team, it was an amazing success. Not only were we able to cover the cost of a nationally recognized figure, but we were also fortunate enough to be able to cater the event for those in attendance. We surpassed every goal we had set for the event.  Not did we exceed our expected attendance goal we were also able to get covered by the campus paper, which has relatively high circulation on campus. 

 Not on Liberty alone

While this was the first speaking engagement in our group’s short history it appears to have been the start of a great tradition here Capital.

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