Once Again, What ‘Post-War’ Period?

When it was announced that the United States will be withdrawing from Iraq by the end of Dec. 31, commentators began propagating the disgusting meme that this is the beginning of a “post-war” period for both Americans and Iraqis.

In response, I asked “What ‘post-war’ period?”

This “post-war period” is a disgusting meme that will gain traction after Dec. 31 when the United States will withdraw its combat troops from Iraq (and leave behind thousands of private military thugs to continue the violence there). It must be noted that these departing American troops will not enjoy a “post-war period.” They will be redeployed into new theaters of combat to die in any one of our dozens of senseless wars in Afghanistan, Uganda, or the Philippines.

Not to mention Iraq itself, which will experience years of violence regardless of American presence. The bombings, the checkpoints, the sectarian strife, all of these will continue after “withdrawal.” There will be no “post-war period” for Iraqis.

That the end of Iraq War will bring about a “post-war period” is a nice fantasy, but it is an outright lie.

And about it gaining traction? A quick scan of headlines after the withdrawal announcement reveal that this meme is now the standard corporate media narrative.

From Politico:

Then last week at Huffington Post:

Then as recently as today from the Washington Post:

This is all part of a broader campaign strategy on the part of Obama reelection campaign to spread the lie that his wars are ending. And it is working.

Forgotten in the inevitable media-corporate circlejerk are the Iraqis who will continue to die while war profiteers continue to profit. How about American military personnel? The troops are not coming home anytime soon.

That our involvement in Iraq is drastically being reduced (involuntarily, by the way) is a great thing. However, it is not enough to pull combat troops out; Americans must press its government to also eliminate the State Department’s growing private army.

And there are these words of wisdom from the president himself in the Associated Press:

Speaking after a morning of meetings with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, Obama said other nations must not interfere with Iraq’s sovereignty. While he stopped short of mentioning any countries by name, U.S. officials are closely watching how neighboring Iran may seek to influence Baghdad after U.S. troops withdraw.

President Obama will do well do heed his own advice.

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