One Candidate Won’t Give You Freedom

I still remember the exact moment I knew I would join the liberty movement.

It started when I got involved in Youth for Ron Paul. I had attended “Christmas with Ron Paul in Iowa” as part of a week-long Get Out the Vote effort for the Paul campaign. On January 3rd, after the polls closed there was an epic after-party for the participants of to watch the results of the various caucus sites. Many of us had worked 18+ hour days canvassing, calling undecided voters, preparing caucus speeches and making calls. We walked in feeling on top of the world, that we would take the straw poll win and dominate the news cycle through New Hampshire.


We sat and watched the results trickle in with the top 3 candidates playing electoral musical chairs with Paul hovering at second. Then, as I was finishing a conversation, there was a collective roar and celebration in our closed off hub of liberty.  We had taken first and we thought this particular moment would be the payoff.  The night continued with celebration, that would soon be dampened when CNN reported Ron Paul was projected to place third.  We wanted the quick, quantifiable win and didn’t get it that night.


It was at that moment, when we lost a straw poll, I had the chance to be part of a movement that is bigger than one candidate or one election cycle.  All around me were activists of all sorts with a wide range of skill sets.  I knew a top-down approach could not solve our problems that our country faces.  Talking with other participants I knew that we had to stay together to fight for our liberty at the local level.

With the tools learned from campaigning I started recruiting dozens of new activists across my home state of Illinois.  The group that I felt could foster this spirit best was Young Americans for Liberty.  They embody the message of liberty, activism and coordinating the youth movement.  Right away I started my own chapter at Northern Illinois University.  The message of freedom is a popular one.  From the experience of running a candidate-specific chapter, I knew the importance of how local government and university play a role in our lives. 


This is why I must urge all former Youth for Paul members to take this chance to join Young Americans for Liberty.  There is a new generation that realizes something is wrong with the state of affairs today, and the answer is freedom.  Do not rely on one man to do it for you.  We now have the tools to represent the largest threat to the status quo, which are youth activists who will organize others, knock on doors and affect policies at the university and local level!

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