‘One Man’s Terrorist,’ A Film by David Kirk West

While on Facebook recently, I stumbled upon a link to a movie that is being released in parts that was made by veteran and libertarian activist David West. David West, besides being a veteran and film maker, also posed a tough question to John Bolton at the taping of The Stossel Show at the Fifth International Students for Liberty Conference in which he made the following remark about his time in Iraq with the 3rd Ranger Battalion:

In 2009, I deployed to Iraq as a member of the 3rd Ranger Battalion, and while I was there, a corporal in my company was killed by a 13-year old with an SKS. They weren’t going after a 13-year old. I have little brothers and I also have guns, and if my country was invaded, I hope my little brother would have the guts to defend me if they came to haul me off with a black bag, which is what we were doing, we were black bagging people and confiscating their guns, just being, ya know, jack booted thugs.

At the conclusion of his remarks about Iraq, West asked the following question to Bolton:  “How do you feel about the concept of blowback, the idea that they’re really only fighting us because we’re over there because that’s what I saw when I was over there?”

This question, to which Bolton responded with the following response which in no uncertain terms, dodged West’s questions:

I’m sorry you feel that way, but I think you’ve done a grave disservice to the hundreds of thousands of other Americans who served with honor in Iraq who followed our military law and doctrine who did not harm innocent civilians and fought for the defense of this country.

The full video, which Fox edited to make it appear that we were clapping for Bolton, is below.  N.B.:  Foz has responded to this charge of editing and provided the full video here to verify that it did not occur.  We apologize for unintentionally providing any misinformation; fact-checking is very important to us here at YAL, but sometimes inaccuracies slip through the editing cracks.

West made a short anti-war movie, entitled “One Man’s Terrorist” about his experiences in Iraq, the first two episodes which can be found below, with the concluding portion being released on February 29th:

Episode two is here.  Please watch these videos and support West! He has a promising career within the movement that I think we could help boost by our views and words of encouragement.

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